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Car Fragrance Refills


Get Refills for those lovely car Hangers!


Love Spell-Inspired by Victoria's Secret® is a beloved scent, featuring a sweet citrus bouquet with peaches, cherries, berries, and an undercurrent of musk

Black Frost- presents an aromatic, masculine scented fragrance oil based on the highly popular Black Ice® fragrance.

Mahogany Teakwood- reminiscent of gathering by the fireplace or wood stove on a cold winter's night. The aromas of oak and teakwood bring a warm and comforting feel to the air.

Boomshakalaka- this is a fruity tropical blend that will make you feel like you are right on the beach. 

Bombshell- Inspired by VS® This fragrance oil offers notes of fresh citrus fruits blended with exotic flower aromas in a sparkling fragrance mix.

Eucalyptus Mint and Rain- Inspired by BBW presents a refreshing aroma with notes of cool mint leaves blended with the crisp scent of eucalyptus into one powerful fragrance oil.

Mango Dragon Fruit- Inspired by BBW® from Stay Fresh with Peanut offers a fruity and tropical aroma with scents of juicy mango, fresh tangerine and exotic dragon fruit blended into one fruity punch.

Champagne Toast- Inspired by BBW the fresh smell of sparkling champagne to celebrate not only success but life itself. This fragrance captures the smell of raw power and increases its punch by combining hints of fresh berries and tangy tangerine to tantalize the senses. 

Strawberries & Champagne- Inspired by VS champagne and fresh, cream-drenched prime strawberries! Middle scents of fresh roses and lilac combine with notes of jasmine and sandalwood, topped off by the merest hint of a heady musk, to make this scent both unique and unforgettable.

Raspberry Mojito- Summer time refreshing blend of sweet raspberries, fresh juicy lime, crisp mint on a base of musk and rum. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla-  Inspired by BBW®, with creamy notes of a musky vanilla and bright raspberry notes, it's the perfect blend to make any space feel cozy and warm.

Vampire Blood- inspired by BBW®, A perfectly balanced fusion of fruity, floral, and charmingly sinister berries offers a captivating scent.  

Leather & Lace- A creamy sweet vanilla blended with masculine leather a perfect sweet mixture. 

Fruit Loops!- It features yummy notes of orange, berries, tangerines, and sweet sugary vanilla.

Ghost Stories-  inspiration from Ghoul Friend BBW, blend of luscious strawberries, fragrant peonies, and a hint of lively citrus to create an unexpectedly delightful scent.

Marshmallow Fireside- Inspired by BBW, is a unique scent that combines the sweetness of toasted marshmallows with the warmth of a crackling campfire and a hint of creamy vanilla.

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